Monday, April 7, 2008

Low Profile Fans


:: Features

* For bathrooms up to 65-120sq.ft
For other rooms up to 75 - 130sq.ft
* Low-profile housing design
* Super quiet operation
* Rated for continuous run
* Contemporary grille size: 13 Sq.In.
* Galvanized steel housing with rust-proof paint treatment
* Thermal fuse protection
* Easy installation - double hanger bar and clamp system allowing for ideal positioning
* Duct size: 4" or 3" (optional 3" adapter included)
* Built-in backdraft damper
* Washington State VIAQ Code
* UL listed for tub and shower enclosure
* Energy Star® efficient
* Power Rating: 120V, 60Hz
* Ships via UPS
* Bathroom Accessories
* This is an Eco-Friendly product

:: Model Specifications
Feature Comparison Chart

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  • FV-05VF2:
    CFM: 50, Sones: 0.4, Watts: 0.15,
    Amps: 3.3, Weight: 11.22lbs
  • FV-08VF2:
    CFM: 80, Sones: 0.8, Watts: 24.5,
    Amps: 3.3, Weight: 14.22lbs
  • FV-11VF2:
    CFM: 110, Sones: 1.5, Watts: 33.5,
    Amps: 3.3, Weight: 14.26lbs
:: Dimensions
Housing: 10-3/8"W x 10-3/8"D x5-5/8"H

:: Description
The Whisper Fit low-profile bathroom exhaust fans by Panasonic are designed for buildings with smaller ceiling cavities. The bathroom fans have an enclosed condenser motor and double suction blower wheels to ensure super-quiet operation. The ventilation fans also have a built-in damper that prevents backdraft. The efficient Energy Star® qualified fan has a cool running motor that keeps the fan from creating excess heat. The bathroom fans are available in 50 CFM, 80 CFM and 110 CFM models and work with a 4" or 3" duct size. A 3" adapter is included.

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