Friday, April 25, 2008



To help focus your selection process, ask yourself the following questions. 

You can print out the questionnaire and refer to it as you read through the site and while visiting a designer’s showroom

1)What’s the main reason I’m planning to invest in a new kitchen? Does my new kitchen represent an investment in the home I plan to stay in for a while or am I just looking to spruce it up for resale?
2)How much do I want to spend on my new kitchen?
3)If I’m building a new home, how much can I spend on the kitchen? Is the price included in the total cost of the project? How much flexibility do I have with the kitchen’s design and layout? 
4)How much do my favorite products and materials cost for my ideal kitchen? 
5)Does the cost of my ideal kitchen exceed my practical budget? What less expensive materials could I substitute for pricier options if I need to lower my costs?
6)What time frame would I like to have my kitchen completed in? Do I have time to wait for pricier custom treatments or am I in a hurry? 
7)Have I set aside some cash as a cushion for unexpected costs?
8)How much do I want to budget for the cabinets, which typically account for half the budget for a new kitchen?
9)Do I plan to supply any of the materials or do any of the installation work myself?
10)Do I plan to work with a designer?

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