Saturday, April 26, 2008

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k Design


1. Who will be using the kitchen?

1. How many people will use my kitchen?
2. Will young children or elderly family members use the kitchen?
3. Does anyone have special needs?
4. Where do I expect to eat meals after the new kitchen is completed?
5. Do I require a kitchen table?
6. What other activities will take place in my new kitchen?
Watching TV?
Paying bills?
Working on the computer?

2. How will I use the kitchen to entertain?

1. Do I plan to entertain frequently?
2. What is my entertainment style—formal or informal?
3. Do I typically cook the food myself or have the party catered?
4. How many guests do I typically invite?
5. Do my guests always end up in the kitchen?
3. What are my storage requirements?

What storage improvements would I like to see in my new kitchen? Inventory your current kitchen. Looking at what you have in your kitchen now, where would you want to put it all in the new one? Would you like your new kitchen to have a special spot for storing trays, cookie sheets, and other flat items, for example? Taller shelves for storing wine glasses and vases? A recycle center? Consider how you shop for groceries—for the week or for each meal? Buy in bulk and freeze? Buy nonperishables in bulk? Write down every idea that comes to mind—resist saying to yourself that there’s no room for that recycle center. If you need it, it’s likely a design professional can help you find a place for it.
4. What is my cooking style?

1. Who is the primary cook?
2. Is the primary cook left- or right-handed?
3. How tall is the primary cook?
4. What is the primary cook’s cooking style?

Quick and simple?
5. What atmosphere does the primary cook prefer when preparing meals?

No one else in the kitchen?
A helper in the kitchen?
Family and friends visiting and helping?
6. Does the primary cook have any physical limitations?
7. Who is the secondary cook?
8. Do they prepare meals together?
9. Is the secondary cook left- or right-handed?
10. How tall is the secondary cook?
11. What are the secondary cook’s responsibilities?
Preparing side dishes?
Assisting in preparation of main course?
Clean up?
12. Does the secondary cook have any physical limitations?
5. What features do I really need in my new kitchen and which could I live without?


Trash compactor
Garbage disposal
Range hood
Warming drawer
Wine chiller
Hot water dispenser
Built-in icemaker
Second dishwasher
Extra refrigerator or freezer space
Bar sink
More electrical outlets


Task lighting
Toekick lighting
Undercabinet lighting

Cabinetry and storage:

Tilt-down drawer for sponges
Spice rack
Built-in wine rack
Appliance garage
Bookshelf for cookbooks
Cutlery storage area
Recycling area
Divided tray storage
Computer work area
Lazy Susan storage
Adjustable shelving
Divided silverware drawer
More drawer storage
More shelf storage
Glass door fronts

Work area:

More counter space
Island area

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